Procedure for Sale of Property

**Purchaser must be a member or adherent in a PAOC church**

1. Property owner to send letter to Braeside Camp Director, advising of property for sale, stating asking price.
2. Complete a “For Rent or Sale” form and return it to the camp office if you would like the notice put on the list (available upon request) and on the bulletin board at the camp office.
3. When you have an interested purchaser:
• Braeside office must receive a recommendation letter from purchaser’s PAOC Pastor
• Forward the “Request for Approval to Lease” form to Braeside camp office
4. Once the office has received the “Request for Approval to Lease” and the Pastor’s letter, Committee approval is required of purchaser
5. Braeside office will notify property owner & purchaser of approval and set up meeting time to finalize sale
6. No money should be exchanged until new leases are signed in the camp office
7. Property owner to return their lease to Braeside office.
8. Seller will pay Braeside an administration fee of 1% of purchase price or $100, whichever is greater
9. A new lease will be forwarded to the new owners.

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